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Created 30-Aug-20
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With the coming of Spring, many people get out to sight-see and take in the beauty of the Hill Country of Texas searching for wildflowers to photograph. In the Spring of 2020 the Corona Pandemic had just started and people were warned to practice social distancing. While I took a lot of bluebonnet photos with my socially distanced 400mm lens from my car, I noticed just how beautiful many of the yards in my little town of Fredericksburg looked, with gorgeous flowers, trees and plants in front of quaint, interesting and historic homes. So after doing a series of houses with their yards blooming, it occurred to me, what if I photo-shopped the people inside who were stuck at home sheltering in place and quarantined. And that's how this series came together. Dated from March to July, I created images addressing issues of loneliness, boredom, isolation, hoarding, racial tension, murder hornets and more with a touch of humor and an artistic flair. Models were scarce so I used many old photos from previous shoots to try and convey the feelings of these crazy and maddening times, and even a few friends joined in the fun!
~ Enjoy! ~

Thank you, Cynthia Lively of cynlee-studios©photography
3.29    "In Isolation, Shelter In Place"4.14   "Longing To Go Out"4.17   "Blue For You"4.17   "Covidpoppies"4.18   "Alone In The Rain"4.19   "Spring Calls"4.19   "Do Not Pass Go, Do  Not Collect $1200"4.19   "Move The Pipeline"4.22   "I Wish, Iris"     (2 photo pan)4.22   "Rocked In"4.23   "Just Stay Home, Forever"4.25   "Doll-house Doldrums"4.26   "Socially Distant"4.27   "Enchanting Chants"4.29   "Flowering Hugs"5.2   "Moonlit Wisteria Wish"5.4   "Distancing"5.6   "Trapped"5.8   "Get Back Gal"5.13   "Stay Safe Dear"

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